Tiger projection campaign across London for #RuthlessTrade

Tiger projections campaign across London for #Ruthless
Tiger projections campaign across London for #Ruthless

Projection campaign in London for #Ruthless with projections throughout London to highlight Europes role in the global tiger business. Delegates from around the world arrive in the city for the 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Conference, which begins today Thursday 11th October.The IWT conference is an opportunity to discuss how wildlife, that is currently suffering at the expense of illegal trade, can be protected and animal welfare charity FOUR PAWS UK wanted to use this opportunity to highlight the detrimental trade in tigers. The charity has uncovered shocking evidence that tiger traders are operating throughout Europe and selling to Asian countries, where demand for their parts is causing mass cruelty and contributing to the decline of the species in the wild.

Jurassic Park Video Mapping Projection

To celebrate the launch of the Jurassic Park toys a central London Smyth’s store was turned into a giant double cinema screen showing exclusive Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom trailer content.

The event was documented by a professional film crew who captured the projection and they also created a time lapse sizzle reel of the installation process to give viewers an insight into how the experience was created.

Smyth’s will be using the content to promote Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom across all its digital and social media including Facebook and Instagram, as well as embedding video within the online cross category Jurassic brand store.