What type of buildings are best for projection?

Ideally these should be sandstone or white walls and uniform in surface. Dark building surfaces can be projected upon but require artwork / video footage with much more light output and contrast etc.

Will the projection work in day light?

No – it needs to be dark for the projection to be visible although it will be visible in twilight.

Can we supply a projection campaign in different towns / Countries?

Yes – either on a tour or on the same night.

Is it possible to project onto mountains, cliffs or trees?

Yes with our Large Format projection equipment we have the power to project very large powerful images onto mountains as per the images below in Oman and South Africa.


Are these high powered searchlights?

Yes these are 8KW Searchlights

Can the colours change of the Searchlight beam?

Yes the colour filters allow for CMY colour mixing
What are the power requirements for the searchlights?

Each unit requires a 63A X 1PH electrical power supply.


Does the water screen work in salt water

Yes, these are typically used in the either the sea or fresh water lakes and rivers.

Is a waterscreen front or back projected?

Back projected – the projection equipment is located behind the screen either on a river bank, or on a barge depending on logistics of the site.

What should be considered for tidal rivers – for example The Thames?

Location, tidal times, permissions – please contact us for more details.


Can you make bespoke flame units for a sculpture or specific event?

Yes please send the design / plans and we will advise to get the best results.

Can you supply real flame effects for Theatres?

Yes, EMF have supplied real flame effects for fireplaces and bespoke flames effects shooting through the floor for stage and music concerts.


Do you supply Risk Assessments, & Insurance documents?

Yes – these are produced as standard requirements.

Do you work overseas as well as the UK?

Yes we work worldwide as well has having considerable experience of working in the Middle East.

Who do you mainly supply to?

Councils, Blue chip Companies, TV Companies, Agencies & Production Companies, Sports venues, Theme Parks, World Heritage sites, English Heritage sites, Festivals, and for private parties.