Shell Building Projections for NDCS

Shell Building Projections for NDCS

NDCS celebrates 10 years of their roll out of newborn hearing screening in England and to mark the occasion 100 pictures of deaf babies were projected onto the Shell Building, London.

Shell Building Projection NDCS

Using high powered Christie video projectors the 100 baby images were projected onto the Shell Building for the duration of the event.

The event ran for the evening of the 11 May to highlight the essential need to give support to a child as soon as he / she is diagnosed as deaf.

Prince’s Trust 40th Anniversary UK Projection Campaign

Prince’s Trust 40th Anniversary UK Projection Campaign

Prince's Trust Projection City Hall London

Prince’s Trust Projection City Hall London

Projection teams set out across the UK to mark the 40th Anniversary of Prince’s Trust in the cities where the Trust is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged young people in the UK.

City Hall London Building Projection

Massive images projected over London’s City Hall Building for the 40th Anniversary of Prince’s Trust.



Liver Building Projections

A gigantic image of popstar Paloma Faith was projected onto the Royal Liver Building .The image of Paloma was made up of over 1,000 images of people who have helped to make the charity what it is today.

The projection was sponsored by The Prince’s Trust to celebrate its 40-year history.

Portrait artist Nathan Wyburn created a unique picture of Prince’s Trust Ambassador Paloma Faith, who received a grant from the charity as a teenager.

featured on the projection was Callum Clements, 16, who was supported by The Prince’s Trust through its xl initiative, which builds the confidence and motivation of young people struggling at school.

Prince's Trust Liver Building Projection

Prince’s Trust Liver Building Projection

Glasgow’s City Chambers Building Projection

UK projection campaign incorporating building projections in Glasgow…

Prince's Trust projections Glasgow

Glasgow City Chambers Building Projections

Cardiff City Hall

The projection marks the conclusion of The Prince’s Trust #partofPT Tour, supported by HomeSense, which travelled the country in April in search of stories of local young people whose lives have been touched by its work.Cardiff City Hall projections to celebrate the hundreds of thousands of people who have been helped by the Prince’s Trust…

Prince's Trust projections Cardiff City Hall

Prince’s Trust projections Cardiff City Hall

London River Thames Projections

River Thames Projections London

The Group Top Performer for the Endorsed Group was projected across the River Thames, London for their River boat company event.

London River Projection

The annual award event this year was held on a large River boat and as they came up the River the projections were timed to coincide with their announcements of which Group Team and Top Performer won the top prize!

Projection Campaign across London #WhoIsWilliamRast

Projection Campaign across London #WhoIsWilliamRast



Several Projection teams produced massive building projections which spread out across London from Battersea Power Station to Greenwich. 

Building Projection Greenwich

Building Projection Greenwich

Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala’s ‘New America’ clothing brand, William Rast arrives in the UK this summer and the projections culminated in Greenwich by the O2 Arena where Justin Timberlake was performing. 

Building Projection Shoreditch

Building Projection Shoreditch


Get involved in the action – join in the conversation at Twitter using the #WhoIsWilliamRast find out more at:

Building Projection Marble Arch

Building Projection Marble Arch


London Projection Stunt Surprise Pac-Man projection on to Sega HQ building

London Projection Stunt

Surprise Pac-Man projection on to Sega HQ building aimed to “raise a smile”

Pac Man Projection Stunt

Pac Man Projection Stunt

26 February 2014 by John Owens

Namco Bandai’s covert projection of a four storey Pac-Man on to Sega’s UK HQ aimed to “raise a smile” in the gaming industry amid wider media attacks over issues like violence and trolling, its mastermind has said.

Projection London Pac Man

Projection London Pac Man

Pac is Back: Pac-Man was projected on to the walls of Sega’s HQ

Just before midnight on Monday the games developer projected 80-foot images on to its rival’s prominent Chiswick offices as part of a revival of the iconic gaming character under the ‘Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures’ brand.

The stunt, which was shut down after five minutes by security guards, was led by Namco Bandai’s in-house team alongside Stature PR.

UK marketing and PR director at Namco Bandai Lee Kirton said that the team pressed ahead despite fears the stunt could backfire.

“We were nervous about doing it as we didn’t want to upset Sega or get in trouble with the police, but we wanted to raise a smile in the industry, and show coverage doesn’t have to involve negativity on issues like violence and trolling. We wanted to do something fun with a bit of old school rock’n’roll PR and gain some coverage at the same time.”

Inspired by work with Channel 5’s The Gadget Show in November to create a Guinness World Record for ‘the largest architectural projection mapped game’, the team hired the technical brains behind the FHM stunt involving an image of Gail Porter being beamed on to the Houses of Parliament.

Projecting from a van in the car park of a building site nearby, Namco Bandai deployed three photographers to capture the image – one of whom was based in flat specially rented out for the occasion – with pictures sent out to media contacts at around 3am on Tuesday morning.

Pac Man Projection onto Sega Building

Pac Man Projection onto Sega Building

“We’d been planning it for months, and had aimed to do it at around 11pm but had to hold fire because there were still some people in the building,” said Kirton.

Pointing to one Sega creation in particular he added: “If there are two main characters from the iconic age of gaming it’s Pac-Man and Sonic The Hedgehog.”

Sega declined to comment, but took to Twitter to have the last laugh.

via Surprise Pac-Man projection on to Sega HQ building aimed to “raise a smile” | PR Week.