With the UK hosting the Eurovision Song Concert for 2023, London celebrated with projections on Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square supporting the event after it was decided that the contest could not take place in Ukraine due to Russia’s invasion of the country.

Liverpool who hosted the Concert celebrated their own Nelson Monument which was surrounded by 2,500 sandbags as part of an art installation called ‘Protect the Beats’. This was to reflect statues in Ukraine which were covered up to protect them from damage during the Russian invasion and London celebrated Nelson’s Column in London projecting it in the colours of Ukraine with two High Powered Searchlights complementing building projection in yellow and blue.

Diwali projections on Nelson’s Column Trafalgar Square

Diwali projections on Nelson’s Column Trafalgar Square

Diwali celebrations this year included dancing in Trafalgar Square on as people gathered to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

Diwali projections, Nelson's Column London

Diwali projections, Nelson’s Column London

Hosted Trafalgar Square with around 35,000 people joining the event in central London.