Event Special Effects

Data Video Projection

Data video projection supplying video projection equipment for either outdoor video building projection and large scale 3D Video Projection Mapping or indoor video projection events and installations.

Event Power Services

Event powers services supplying our unique range of in-house stock equipment, we can supply a complete range of dramatic effects for indoor and outdoor events and presentations.

Flame effects

Flame effects from 7 ft Boxed Flambeaux’s for fantastic entrances to stage flame effect propane gas systems for Film premieres, TV, shows, and events.

Lighting effects

Lighting equipment suitable for Large outdoor events and compliments our other range of equipment supplies.

Outdoor Building Projection

Outdoor Building Projection for Advertising Campaigns and outside Projection events


Large stock of High Powered Xenon Searchlights.

Waterscreens & water effects

Waterscreens, fountains and Rainbar water effects